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Real Entrepreneurs’ Dinner

Real Entrepreneurs’ Dinner




East Midlands


Real Entrepreneurs’ Dinner



The challenge:

  • To meet new and established business owners spanning a wide cross-section of industries and sectors.
  • To share resources and learn from other successful business owners/entrepreneurs.
  • To create the opportunity for businesses to connect with the right people.

The approach:

Associate partnership within the Real Entrepreneurs’ Club bringing the right people together to ensure a mutual benefit for all involved. As part of this club, each of the 15 associate partners invites four guests to every dinner (three dinners each year spanning the East Midlands). As every guest must meet a strict criteria, we ensure every attendee adds value to the room. Being part of an empowering network of individuals who share resources and information, the opportunities necessary to drive our community forward are created.

The results:

“The event is well organised with a programme of all The Real Entrepreneurs Club members and their guests presented, giving you the opportunity to continue to connect and network after the event. It is a high-quality opportunity for businesses that are looking for inspiration and meeting some high calibre businesspeople, in a social environment over a nice meal and a glass of wine.”
– Leanne Bonner-Cooke MBE: MD, E-bate

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