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Making the most of private members’ clubs

Making the most of private members’ clubs


Human Resources


Breedon Consulting




Real Entrepreneurs’ Club membership

The challenge:
Breedon Consulting was looking to expand its network with the ‘right sort’ of businesses, and position itself as the HR experts amongst that group. Director Nicki Robson was also seeking somewhere to take both existing and potential clients – as well as other contacts – to demonstrate Breedon’s position as recognised experts and connected business people, rather than “just another company”.
The approach:

Identifying that the Real Entrepreneurs’ Club had the same values as her own business, Nicki knew this would be the perfect opportunity to get in the same room as her ideal contacts. Breedon were able to gain reputation and profile by bringing guests to the dinners, who would rub shoulders with prominent business leaders and entrepreneurs. This allowed her to build her network, and show her business in a positive light.

The results:

“The opportities provided by the RE Club have allowed us to get deals over the line that were higher value than the investment.

It has raised our profile amongst the club members and has brought in a number of referrals with other members and their visitors – though I’m yet to follow them all up. This is completely my fault due to work pressures, but I’ve started to do so this year and things are already looking promising, both in terms of potential work and links with other associated experts.

I’m confident that it’ll be worth the investment, but I do have to put the time in to make it work. Even without doing so, the value of the work is more than 10 times the investment.”

Nicki Robson, Director – Breedon Consulting

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