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LinkedIn Management

LinkedIn Management


Electrical Contractor




LinkedIn Management



The challenge:

  • Increase the number of opportunities to do business.
  • Raise brand awareness both for the company and the MD.

The approach:

Create relevant content that encourages conversation, engages specifically with the right people. Share reviews and testimonials to showcase first-hand how they make each client feel. Daily interaction to keep both the MD and the company in the news feeds of the right people as part of keeping them at the forefront of their potential customers’ minds. Review content and engagement to ensure we adapt content in line with the ever-changing algorithms of this platform.

The results:

“I’ve been unbelievably impressed with the results Cross is producing for me. The whole process has been so easy and takes such little input from myself. When Cross does need something from me, they are clear on what and when, which again takes so little time from me. The system Cross has created allows me to see the data at a glance with all the key figures on display. I have recommended Cross to a number of my clients, who have also had great results.”
– Phil Houlder: MD, Glenfield Electrical

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