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The challenge:

  • To support personal growth of the brand manager.
  • To cultivate a mindset that looks at marketing from a strategic approach that can then be measured.
  • To enhance existing skills.
  • To develop a set of skills that allow the client to remain ahead of the competition.

The approach:

Monthly 121 coaching sessions that tackled each challenge in bite sized chucks. To ensure we always reviewed the work carried out in the previous month to discuss what had been learnt. To ensure there was always an action(s) to be taken after each session with an understanding of why.

The results:

“The sessions I had with Jenny have not only helped me grow professionally by enhancing my existing skill set and knowledge, but they have also impacted me personally. The coaching has injected confidence in the work I produce and knowledge that my marketing impact will have on the bottom line. Jenny is everything a person seeking marketing coaching needs in a mentor. The sessions are fun, interactive, and most importantly informational. Jenny has truly aided my professional expertise and I would highly recommend her coaching services.”
– Scarlett Tinsley: Brand Manager, ER Recruitment

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