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Ideas for your next LinkedIn post

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Ideas for your next LinkedIn post

What should/could you be talking about with your professional network? Here are some ideas for your next LinkedIn post.

LinkedIn is the number one platform for professionals. Having been established as part of business life for over 18 years, it’s here to stay.

The struggle is real though: when it comes to posting, what can you talk about? How do you make people stop and not just continue down their scroll hole?

First, consider what you’re trying to achieve. Your content needs to be in line with your goals. Is it your personal profile or company page you’re wanting to improve? Are you looking to develop your brand awareness? Perhaps you’re more interested in engagement? Or, you could be looking to generate conversations which you hope to grow into business?

But many people struggle to come up with interesting and engaging content for their LinkedIn posts. As a result, they can also find it difficult to know how often to post on LinkedIn. Fortunately, there are plenty of ideas for your next LinkedIn post to help you get started.

LinkedIn can be used to show off your skills and experience, connect with professionals in your industry, or simply share your knowledge. Therefore, we’ve put together these ideas for your next LinkedIn post will have you crafting captivating content in no time.


Knowledge Sharing

Sharing knowledge, tips and experience on LinkedIn can be an invaluable way to reach out to your connections and beyond. As a result, posting content that is both informative and engaging can help you build an audience and expand your network. Whether you’re an expert in your field or just getting started, you can use LinkedIn to provide valuable content to your followers.

Here are some ideas for your next LinkedIn post based around knowledge sharing:

1.     Share Your Professional Experience

You can post about experiences and lessons you’ve learned while working in your field. This could include advice on how to succeed in a certain industry, stories from past projects, or personal experiences that have led to success.

2.     Provide Tips & Tricks

If you’ve picked up any helpful tricks or tips while working in your profession, share them. People love reading these types of posts as it provides them with the chance to learn something new.

3.     Offer Career Advice

If you’ve been successful in your career, consider offering advice to those who are just starting out. This could include information about getting hired for a certain role, navigating a corporate culture or finding the right mentor.

4.     Speak About Industry Trends

Have you noticed any trends in your field lately? Share these with your audience so they can stay up-to-date on the latest news and happenings in their industry.

5.     Demonstrate Your Expertise

Don’t be afraid to show off your expertise! Post content that showcases your skills and accomplishments. This could be anything from explaining a complicated concept or demonstrating how to use a certain tool or technique.

By taking the time to write about these topics, you can establish yourself as an authority in your field. Not only will this help grow your network, but it will also give you a platform to make valuable connections with potential employers and customers. So, get creative and start posting!

Some other knowledge sharing ideas include:

·       Answer a common question from clients/audience

·       Write a top 10 list

·       Create or share an infographic

·       Reveal your process

·       Share advice on what people need to STOP or START doing

·       Pros and cons | Dos and Don’ts | Hacks | Quick tips

·       Start a content series | Share resources

·       Create a recipe or equation for success



We all have a unique story to tell – and LinkedIn is the perfect platform to share it! Whether you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, student, or professional, your personal and professional journey is worth telling. Here are some ideas for your next LinkedIn post about your journey that could help inspire others and show your followers what’s possible.

·       Share the story of how you got where you are

·       Spotlight how a customer uses your product/service

·       Share the history of your company/brand/role

·       Post a throwback

·       Call out a specific audience – targeting

·       Welcome the newbies | Interview the team

·       Share the biggest challenge/win of the week

·       What advice would you give your 16-year-old self today?

·       How did studying abroad change the course of your life?

·       What’s been one of the most impactful decisions in your career so far?

·       Share one piece of knowledge from the past year (academic research, book reading) with our readers


Thought Leader

Becoming a thought leader on LinkedIn is a great way to build your personal brand and demonstrate your expertise. Above all, it will increase your visibility in your industry. Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

1.     Share Industry News

Keeping up with the news in your industry is essential for staying current and relevant. Share breaking news stories, research findings, and expert insights related to your field.

2.     Offer Your Opinion

Think pieces are all the rage right now, so why not share your own point of view? Address controversial topics, discuss current events, and provide constructive criticism of existing practices.

3.     Spotlight Colleagues

Everyone loves a shout-out! Highlight the accomplishments of those in your professional network and encourage your followers to connect with them too.

4.     Become a Resource

Offer helpful advice, give tips and tricks, or offer to answer questions about your field or area of expertise. People will appreciate the added value you bring to the table.

5.     Host Live Discussions

Take part in webinars, online Q&As, and other live events related to your field. You’ll have a chance to interact with your audience directly and share your knowledge with a larger audience.


By positioning yourself as a thought leader on LinkedIn, you can build your personal brand and gain more visibility in your industry. Use these ideas to start sharing more meaningful content and connecting with other professionals in your field!

Other post ideas that will position you as a thought leader include:

·       Create a persuasive post

·       Talk about a common misconception in your industry

·       Would you rather?

·       Comment on industry news/data

·       Plan/speculate on things to come – make predictions

·       Round up of findings/learning



If you want to create posts that will inspire your colleagues, clients, and wider LinkedIn network, there are several ways of doing this. Inspirational posts can offer a new way of viewing a problem, share a nugget of your own wisdom, or offer motivation in a tough time. These posts might include:

1. Post about an experience or story that reflects your values. A personal story can be a powerful way to create a connection with your network.

2. Share your views on a hot topic in the industry. Explain why you think the issue is important, and share your opinion on how it should be addressed.

3. Offer advice from your own experiences. Have you learned something valuable from your own successes and failures? Share it with your followers!

4. Recommend a helpful resource. Perhaps there’s an article, book, podcast, or video that you find particularly useful. Pass it along and encourage your followers to check it out.

5. Highlight an upcoming event or project. Whether it’s a webinar or a conference, let your network know about it and why they should be interested.

6. Start a discussion around an interesting topic. You don’t need to have all the answers; just pose an interesting question and see what kind of responses you get!

7. Share an inspirational quote or piece of wisdom. A quote can spark a conversation and create meaningful connections with others.

Other ideas include:

·       Share something that inspires you

·       React/re-post | Share a meme/quote

·       Show what happens if you DON’T make a move

·       Fill in the blanks style post/graphic

·       Round up of inspirations or companies that stand out

·       Get input on a new idea/project

·       Inspire | Motivate | Quiz your audience | Give value

With creativity and thoughtfulness, you can come up with many more!


In Conclusion

When it comes to coming up with ideas for your next LinkedIn post, it’s important to keep in mind the type of audience you’re trying to attract. That is to say, different kinds of posts appeal to different people, and it’s important to be aware of this when crafting your content.

For example, an industry-related article could be a great way to showcase your knowledge and demonstrate your expertise. Whereas an engaging blog post on a trending topic could be great for generating conversation.

No matter what type of content you choose, it’s important to make sure that it is well written and of high quality. subsequently, the more effort you put into creating your content, the better the response you will receive from your target audience. Additionally, it’s a good idea to include images, videos, and other multimedia elements when appropriate to make the post more engaging and interesting.

By understanding what type of content works best with each kind of audience, you’ll be able to craft more effective posts that will reach the right people and bring more success to your business.

Whether you are looking to build relationships, drive traffic, or increase sales, knowing how to tailor your content for LinkedIn can help you achieve your goals.

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